Rift goes Free-to-play

When even the huge MMORPGs World of Warcaft are losing subscribers to their game each and every month you can understand how the free-to-play model for paying for MMORPGs must sound more and more appealing for the big game studios that run MMOs. Last year SWTOR went free-to-play after having huge finacial problem and massive problems with players leaving the game, but when the game when free-to-play everything turned, now SWTOR is stable and very active game with a lot of free and paying customers.

Rift goes Free without limitations

And now it’s Trion turn to make their MMO Rift go free-to-play, the 12th June will Rift go free, then everyone can register and play the game as much as they want without any monthly fees or fees at all. Most players  would probably expect Rift’s to still have a monthly fee option, where you can get access to all the content of the game, but Trion has said in a statement that everyone will have access the whole game and all content for free, no limitations in dungeons and levels like in SW:TOR or LOTRO for example. Instead they’re planning on getting a cash flow from their in-game store where you can buy game items for real money, like mounts, clothes, cosmetic items and temporary buffs and boosts. It’s seems like they seen the success ArenaNet has with the in-game store in Guild Wars 2 that works in a similar way.

This summer seems like a perfect opportunity to check out this epic MMORPG for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. And let time decide of free-to-play will be a success or fail for Rift.

Rift Planes of Telara Enter the Rift Trailer

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