My Redbubble T-shirt Review

Here at Foxygamer I display a huge number of t-shirts and merchandise from a number of video games, a huge part of the t-shirt I’m showing is coming from the t-shirt store and community Redbubble, it’s a place where people can submit their design to the site and start selling them to the public, you can find a insane number of t-shirts, prints and other products on the site, all made by the members of the site. Anyhow, just because Foxygamer shows so many products and I help sell many of their products (and earn commission from it) Redbubble was kind enough to contact me and offer me a free order on the site in exchange for a sponsored review of their products and site. So here goes, here’s my review of my order on Redbubble.

The first step after I got my coupon code was to find anything worth buying, and here’s the biggest problem and strong point of Redbubble, there’s so so so many products on the site, anyone can upload anything on the site, and I must say that their’s no quality control on the site, this can be a good thing but sadly it gets a bit confusing when you try browsing around crap t-shirts and t-shirts that clearly are breaking copyright laws. On the bright side I can see that Redbubble is working on this, they highlight good designs on the front page and on certain holidays and events they make curated lists of fantastic designs from their members. If you have the time you will find great designs, but you need to waddle through a lot of poop.

sleeping in flowers

After awhile I found a design I wanted on a t-shirt, it’s actually a design my girlfriend has illustrated, it’s not gaming related so it might not be the greatest fit for Foxygamer but it is a fox after all so it’s all good, but I don’t care I love this t-shirt. It’s a drawing she calls Sleeping in flowers and displays a fox taking a nap in a lovely bed of flowers. You can find it over here on Redbubble if you want to check it out.

The shipping took quite some time, but that is to be expected, they shipped it from US. and I’m in Sweden, plus there was some problems with the Swedish post office but that’s nothing I can blame Redbubble for. The T-shirt came in a nice little package and the design looked great, I might have ordered a to big of a size but I guess it’s more of a baggy hiphop fit on the t-shirt now 😛

The t-shirt was your regular quality t-shirt and the print looks great to,  in my experience you’ll notice what kind of quality a t-shirt print have after a couple of washes, but the print looks good so far, it’s not one of those t-shirt prints that’s all hard and plastic, those gets destroied in the washer in a instant, so I believe this t-shirt will be with me for a long long time, at least my t-shirt experience tells me that.

Overall I’m very pleased with the t-shirt and my order, the price tag was great (though it was free for me) and very cheap shipping for being shipped from the other side of the world.  Finding and searching for designs on Redbubble was a bit of a pain though, I think they should clean up some of the designs and maybe have a better report system so you can report inappropriate and designs that break copyright laws. Well that’s my short review of Redbubble and I hope it helped you a bit atleast.

If you want to check out Redbubble you can use my link right here, Redbubble – Art & T-shirt Community Store

(I’ll earn commision ever time you use my link, so I appriciate it)


A crappy picture of the fantastic t-shirt I ordered

  1. Anton Reply

    Vad hade du för problem med posten?
    Jag har ocksÄ bestÀllt dÀrifrÄn, men efter 20 dagar inte fÄtt mina varor.

    Tack pÄ förhand

    • Jonas Welin Reply

      Inga sÀrskilda, men jag har för mig det tog lÄng tid. Ska ju skickas frÄn USA sÄ det tar ju lite tid.
      Skicka ett mail till dem om du börjar bli orolig, de brukar vara trevliga.

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