All you need to know about Playstation Plus on the PS4

Sony recently released the news that they’re following the footsteps of Windows with the Xbox and the Xbox Live service, to be able to play the Playstation 4 games online you will need a Playstation Plus subscription, some of you might be familiar with PS Plus, I know I am, the plus service is also available for the PS3 and adds a lot of value and free games each month, so it’s not at all similar to the Xbox live service where you only get access to online play (though Live users will also be getting free games on the Xbox One in the future) A great news for all you who already have a Playstation Plus subscription is that same subscription will carry on onto the PS4 from the PS3.

So what features Playstation Plus have on the PS4?


At the moment with PS Plus on PS3 you get access to news PS3 games and Vita games for free each month (not technically free, because your paying for PS Plus, but you know what I mean) this feature will carry on to the PS3 of course, even at launch you’ll be able to download free game(s). It’s been announced that a PS Plus edition of DriveClub will be given out to all PS Plus members on the PS4. At the moment on the PS3 and Vita you get access to 12 games at all the time through PS Plus, and then 3-4 games are replaced each month so that old games gets removed and new ones gets available, you can still play the games that are being removed, it’s just that it won’t be available for download any more.

We can expect a similar system when it comes to the PS4, old games will be replaced with new, giving you new games to play each month. We don’t know yet how many games that will be available at the time, or if Sony will keep giving out free PS3 games after the release of the PS4, but they probably will, because a lot of people have long subscriptions left and not everyone will get a PS4 at the release.

What other features that PS Plus will have for the PS4 is unclear, what we can expect is a smoother and better working online service on the Playstation 4 then we seen on the PS3, something similar to the Xbox Live service maybe?

Here’s a quick overview video with a bit more information about the PS Plus on PS4, enjoy!



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