List of the Biggest and Best Planetside 2 Forums and Communites

Planetside 2 is the game that made MMOFPS massive, huge battles and huge maps filled with insane action. There’s plenty of Planetside 2 forums out there, some small, some bad and a few great forums filled with great content and discussions. If you’re looking for a PS2 forum or online community you have come to the right place, in this post I will list the best and biggest Planetside 2 forums that are available for you to join. No invitation-only outfits forums, just big and open forums where anyone can register and join into the community and discussion.

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The Official PlanetSide 2 Forum

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Chances are pretty hight that you already know about the official Planetside 2 forums over at SoE. But I still think it’s worth mentioning, it’s a big forum with a lot of members, more then any other forum around really. What’s especially great about the official Planetside 2 forum is that you can get a lot of help here, everything from Technical support from the Staff of PS2 or from any of the thousands of members on the site. Some times you even get a faster response from support if you create a forum thread rather then sending in a support ticket. But this forum is of course not just about the support and help sections, it’s also a great forum in other aspects like for example the community have a large and active Outfit Recruiting section where you can find Outfits on your server to join, great place to start looking if you want some people to play with.

This forum is also a great place to discuss the game and suggest new features for the game, the cool part is that a lot of SoE staff is hanging around these forums so there’s always a chance they’ll read what you’ll have to say, even though it’s a rather small chance for that to happen. To summaries, this is a huge and active forum, and all Planetside 2 players should have a account in this forum, you might not hang in this community all the time but it’s a great site filled with great resources, guides and discussions just waiting for you to get evolved with. You can find the forum by clicking the link just below.

Official PS2 Forums

PlanetSide Universe


This community has been around for a long time, it all started as a community page for Planetside (one) back in 2002 and it’s still a very much active and living community for the Planetside games 12 years after the first release, that’s quite an achievement if you ask me. PlanetSide Universe is a community that’s more then just a forum, the site has it’s very own wiki page for Planetside 2, any info you would want about the game can pretty much be found here, it’s a great and comprehensive wiki really. They also have there own Ps2 podcast where they talk about the game in different aspects, the podcast alone is defiantly worth checking out.

There’s of course also a forum for this community, it might not have as many members as the official community but there’s still plenty enough here, it’s in fact one of the largest communities around for PS2. Here you find everything you would ever need and expect from a game forum, outfit recruitment section, guides, server specific forum sections, gameplay/art/media from the game and much much more. A dedicated community of players that’s been around for many many years along with a comprehensive and content rich site this might be one of the greatest communities for Planetside 2, at least if you ask me.

You can check out PlanetSide Universe by clicking here

Planetside 2 on Steam


If you’re playing Planetside via Steam already I would suggest you check out the community & forum that PS2 has over at Steam. There’s actually a very active forum on Steam dedicated to this game. Might not be the most sophisticated forum setup, with only one section, but if you’re looking for a simple forum that you can hang in from time to time, and if you’re already playing the game through Steam you should check the Steam forum out for sure.

Like all Steam games you can also see others or share your own art, screenshots and guides right on Steam, and there’s actually some great things to discover here, there’s for example some great guides for pretty much every part of Planetside 2 on Steam. Another great thing is the sharing feature, people are uploading screenshots, media and art related to the game all the time, and you can easy just check out what’s new and what recently got uploaded, there’s of course a lot of crap being shared but there’s also some pretty great things being published.

And let’s not forget all the outfits and Steam groups dedicated to Planetside 2 that you can find on the site, I won’t go into details on specific Steam groups, but if you seek you shall find some pretty great mini-communities on Steam. So bottom line is, if you’re playing Planetside 2 on Steam, take advantage of it’s community and forum, it’s easy to access (you can even press shift + tab to access the community in-game) and it’s filled with great guides, discussions and other PS2 content.


Other Planetside 2 Communities and Sites

Reddit Planetside 2

The greatest news, art, gameplay and links from Planetside 2 in one place, Reddit is a must when it comes to gaming communities, so check it out, you won’t be sorry.

Reddit Planetside 2 section

Rock, Paper, Shotgun PS2 section

The epic gaming blog/community Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a great forum section for Planetside 2, if you’re already hanging at this site I would recommend checking out the PS2 section. If you’re not already a fan of Rock, Paper, Shotgun I would suggest you check out some other site on this list instead.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Thanks for checking out my list and I hope you found a community worth joining. Also make sure to check out Foxygamer’s other PS2 guide, How to get Free Station Cash. Great guide for all you poor gamers out there that want a few a new gun or want to buy some XP boosters.



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