The Best PC Fighting Games

Most people when they think Fighting games or Beat em ups they thing Tekken or Street Fighter on a arcade game or on a console, there’s long been a lacking of fighting games for the PC, a huge reason being that a lot of people prefer these kind of games being played arcade style with a pad or a controller on a console. But fighting games on the PC works just as good as on a console, you can even get a usb controller and plug it into your PC if you feel the need for a pad or controller, I would personally recommend getting some sort of controller if you’re planning on play these kind of fighting games in a long period of time, the gaming experience gets so much better that way, and you will spare your fingers some pain. There’s also plenty of kick ass games to choose from for the PC and in this post I will try to feature some of the best & most popular ones out there, I hope you enjoy it.

pc fighting games

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter IV

This is probably the best fighter for PC if you ask the critics and fans, or at least one of the best. This game has over 25 playable characters in this game, each with their own unique moves and combos. Everything wrapped up in a flawless fighting game with a true Street Fighter feeling to it. It’s been awhile since the Street Fighter series has been released for PC, it’s usually a console only game, but this time a PC version was made available. It’s basically a classic Street Fighter game with a few new features and some stunning graphics. You can check out the a game play video down below if you want to see more about this game.
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on Steam
Super Street Fighter IV on Steam

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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – PC Gameplay

Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken

Next up is yet another Street Fighter game for PC, it’s Street Fighter X Tekken. Also this game has got some great reviews over the years, giving it a spot in this top list of games. This game is perfect if you love both the Tekken and Street Fighter series because you will be able to play characters from both these series. Dynamic combat with tons of crazy moves, epic graphics, various game modes, online versus play and plenty of characters to choose from, it’s basically everything you could expect from a good fighter game. There’s also a handful DLCs available for this game, if that’s a good or bad thing is up to you, but it means more characters and more fun if you ask me.

I also included some Street Fighter X Tekken game play so you can see what the game is all about.

Street Fighter X Tekken on Steam

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Guilty Gear x2 #Reload

Guilty Gear x2 Reload

Our next game is more then 10 years old but it’s still one of the best fighting games for PC, it’s from the game series Guilty Gear which is a anime style arcade fighting game, this game might not have as fancy graphics as the two previous games, but it has a unique colorful and vibrant style with smooth animations makes this game visually stunning to play even though it’s over 10 years old. Guilty Gear x2 #Reload has a great story mode that’s defiantly worth playing, with a great soundtrack and a story that you really get sucked into, which is kinda rare when it comes to this genre of games. It’s recommended that you play this game with some sort of game pad or controller to get the best possible experience. (a ported Xbox or PS2 controller works fine for example)

Just because this game is a bit old you can get it extremely cheap, over at GoG’s store you can get it for just a few bucks, there you’ll also find more reviews of this game, pictures and other info, worth checking out if your interested in this game.

Guilty Gear x2 #Reload on GoG.com


This next game is a bit different, M.U.G.E.N isn’t your ordinary fighting game, it’s a fighting game engine that let’s you create your own fighting game, create your own characters, stages, moves, sound, cut scenes or just about anything ells you want in your game, you can customize pretty much anything you want and create the game you want to play. Creating your own game with this engine requires of course time and effort, and it’s not just a walk in the park, but there’s no programing skills needed for using Mugen, so if you have the patience and willing to learn, you can create what ever you want. You can even find a variety of already created characters online that you can download and put into your game. Mugen has a lot of potential for the ones who want to create their own game, but there’s also plenty of games already created with Mugen, some really good actually, there’s directories filled with games using Mugen and getting these games is as easy as downloading and unzipping a file.

Both M.U.G.E.N and the games that have been created with this tool is free. So head over to the official site and try it out.

M.U.G.E.N Official Site

M.U.G.E.N – Review Video

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