The Best Minecraft Toys and Figures

We all know Minecraft is just a huge playground where you can do whatever you want, the freedom and the ability to play the game you want to is few of the reasons that makes Minecraft great. And we all know that you need toys in order to play like a champ, inside the game you’ll find plenty of tools, weapons and other gadgets that you can craft, but why not bring Minecraft to life with the help of some really amazing toys from all around the internet, because when it comes to merchandise from Minecraft there’s plenty of different items you can buy, there’s plenty of toys, costumes, soft plushies and a lot more, and on this post I will post some of the best Minecraft toys and items you’ll find online.

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Minecraft Toys, Foam Swords, Masks and Figures

Here are some of my personal favorites when it comes to Minecraft toys and figures. There’s the creeper and Steve masks made out of cardboard and looks just like in the game. Or one of the weapons and tools from the game in actual size, the sword and pick axe are both made out of foam so they’re soft which is good if you have kids who want to play with these without getting hurt, there’s also a torch that looks just like it dose in the game, it’s actually a lamp with batteries in it, can be mounted on the wall to get that special Minecraft feeling to a room.

Then there’s a variety of figures made out of either plastic or plushie textile, looks fantastic and have a nice Minecraft feeling to them. Last but not least there’s the Minecraft Pick Axe bottle opener, I don’t think I need to point out how awesome that pick axe is, it’s a must have for any Minecraft fan, nuff said.

Minecraft Lego

When ¬†Markus Persson and Mojang developed Minecraft they probably took some inspiration from Lego, because Minecraft is pretty much a Lego adventure in your computer, a much much more advanced Lego of course. Placing different kind of blocks in order to create the most stunning or silly buildings. That there actually is a Minecraft Lego comes only natural for me, at the moment there only one build set which isn’t the most creative Lego that there is, it’s rather limited which and lacking the creative freedom that both Minecraft and Lego are known to provide, it’s still a fantastic little Minecraft Toy to have but I was hoping for more. Hopefully there will be more and better Minecraft Lego in the future, because that would be just amazing and every geek parents dream would then come true.

Down below you can see a few pictures of the Minecraft Lego and also a epic stop motion movie from Youtube done by a fan of the game using the Minecraft Lego set, enjoy! (Psst..You can also click the images to get to the official Minecraft Toys and T-shirt Store, Jinx)

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