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When it comes to merchandise for any game it’s hard to beat Minecraft’s merchandise, both from the official Mojang shop or any of the fan made merchandise that’s out there, there’s just so much merchandise for this game and a lot of it is just so creative and fun, it’s like this pixel filled game is made to be brought out into the real world. I will list a few of the best Minecraft, t-shirt prints, toys, poster among other things, so if you’re looking for Minecraft stuff you have come to the right place, the items on this page would be perfect as a gift for anyone who’s a fan of the game or why not just treat yourself and feed your inner geek with some dashing merchandise or toys, you know you want to.

You can click all the images on this page, then you’ll get redirected to the store where the items is sold, there you can read more about the item, see more and better pictures and also buy the item if you want to.
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Minecraft T-shirts and Clothing

Starting off with some Minecraft t-shirts, the design for these shirts all varies but they’re all pretty epic. There’s everything from glow in the dark creeper t-shirt prints, to graphic and stunning slogans from the game. You can find most the t-shirt designs down below for both male and females, you can click each of the images to get to the store of the t-shirt.

The shirts comes from the two biggest Minecraft t-shirt provides online, and that’s Jinx, which is a clothing and toys store that specializing in geek and gaming stuff. Jinx is also the official Minecraft store and provider of merchandise. And the second store is Redbubble who’s a community driven store that fans and ordinary people like you and me can upload their designs and sell their shirts on Redbubble. Two great stores known for their good quality prints and t-shirt and creative and fun designs. Just click the designs you like to get to the store where it’s at.

Minecraft Toys, Jewelry and Stickers

Minecraft Toys, Foam weapons and Creepers to play with

Bring the tools, weapons and creepers out of the game into the real world, now possible with a few of these toys from the game. Like the Steve and Creeper heads made out of cardboard, just fold these mask and you can creep your friend with the creepies creeper mask there is. Or getting something so practical as the Minecraft Pick Axe Bottle Opener, perfect if you need a soda or a beer when playing the game, just pop the bottle up and get refreshed and then continue mining and building, mine that beer and get rewarded. And let’s not forget my personal favorites, the Minecraft Pix Axe and Sword, made out of foam so they’re soft enough for kids to be playing with. These two tools from the game looks just like they do inside the game, these are life size and looks just fantastic. And there’s also the Minecraft Torch available to buy, you can even light up this Torch and place it on the wall if you like, click the thumbnail below to find out more about it.

Minecraft Necklaces, Earrings and Key chains

There’s a lot of bling in Minecraft that we all are mining for, but now we can finally wear that bling and diamonds for real, here you’ll see some dashing keys chains, earrings and necklaces, made out of the finest super fake diamonds, creepers and pickaxes you could ever find inside the game or anywhere ells. Perfect tiny little gift for the true fan,¬† now you can wear your love for the game, fabulous.

Creeper and Minecraft Stickers

Express your love of Pork chops or stick a sticky sticker with creepy creepers on your car, door, cat or whatever. Show em all you love this game and show it with style. There are a few stickers inspired by this game, they’re quite cheap and they look great so they’re worth checking out for sure.

Pixel filled Minecraft Posters

Never have giant pixels been so beautiful, Mojang really brought back the pixels into gaming, they showed us all that a game doesn’t have to have the best graphics to be fun, entertaining and beautiful. Here are some poster to hang on your walls, get these posters and prints and show everyone how much you love the game and it’s wonderful pixels.

How about a creeper poster? Or a cute little Minecraft pig poster? It’s all good, just click the thumbnails if you want to see a bigger picture of the print.

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