List of Mass Effect Merchandise – T-shirts, Figures, Toys & Posters

BioWare’s Mass Effect is one of the most well known game series to this date, and no wonder, few games has left such an impact and created such a devoted fan base, for good or bad (think the Mass Effect 3 ending). Gamers are loving the rich and big universe that BioWare has created, and they simple can’t get enough. I talked to BioWare fans that have played all the Mass Effect at least 10+ times, each! They say that they find new things to explore each time they start a new game, and I can understand that, because there’s just so much to discover in this world that they gave us, though I would never play a game 10 times, that’s just silly..

I’m going to show you my personal favorites when it comes to Mass Effect merchandise, I will show you anything from posters to t-shirts and everything in between. I’ll try to make a comprehensive list when as many different merch as I can possible find, but you won’t find any merchandise from the official BioWare merchandise store (found here), because I wanted this to be a place where you can find alternative merchandise then what the BioWare store has, but that store has also some great stuff so I recommend checking them out too. Enough about that, it’s time to start the list.

If you want to go to the store that selling all these merchandise, just click the images and you’ll go to the store that has it.

Also please note that this post contains affiliate links to different stores, this is nothing that will effect you really but what it means is that if you make a purchases via any of the links on this page Foxygamer can earn a small commission, which really helps the site out.

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Mass Effect T-shirts & Clothing

We’ll start off with some ME and Mass Effect 3 T-shirts, with everything from a cute t-shirt with Garrus on it or maybe one with the N7 logo on it. My personal favorite is the Turianosaurus Wrex t-shirt made by the artist derlaine over at Redbubble. Just click any t-shirt to have a closer look and to get directed to the store that sells it.

Interview with an Mass Effect Fanart artist – Ruthie

Tela Vasir

The very talented artist Ruthie creates stunning portraits of characters from the Mass Effect universe, it feelt only natural we had a little interview with her and talk about her fantastic art. You can find some of her portraits down below (just click them to head over to the store that sells the prints.)

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
Hellooo! My name is Ruthie, I am level 25, and I live in New Jersey. I like pandas. And cats. And Netflix. I like to call myself a video game fan art enthusiast. My fan art history is mostly World of Warcraft and Mass Effect but I’d like to branch out. Someday. If I’m not doing fan art I tend to paint lady portraits. All of the lady portraits.

How does the process look like when you’re creating one of your portraits?
I spend a lot of time picking out a reference photo that I like. I have a lot of screenshots from my various play throughs. I rely heavily on them when mapping out my sketch because I’m still learning and how do u make face. Then I throw together a color palette and start blocking in general colors (base color, highlights, shadows) and slowly mold it and blend it and stuff. Then once the base painting is mostly finished I stare at it for hours while watching Buffy to see if I’m satisfied with it. Once I am I’ll add pores and scales and spots or whatever they have and mess with coloring and tadaaaa!

What are you currently working on?
I just painted a couple Asari that weren’t in my original Mass Effect portraits plan but I had an urge. Then I broke away from Mass Effect to paint some demon lady portraits which I’m having a lot of fun with. I am currently trying to figure out who to paint next. I’ve been referring to them as my living dead girls series but that’s mostly just to myself and not a final name.

What motivated you to create art inspired by Mass Effect?
I painted a couple Mass Effect portraits before I really got obsessed with the series. They’re not my favorite because I didn’t get their likeness as well as I’d normally like to and I wasn’t as inspired. When it came to my newer series my initial inspiration was the Omega DLC, actually. I kept seeing all these screenshots of Aria looking great and you got to see so much more of her in good detail and I was just like I WANNA PAINT DAT. And then I didn’t stop…

What’s your favorite character in Mass Effect?
Liara! I just love her so much. I can’t go through a playthrough without romancing her either. I feel GUILTY. I also really like Aria and Kasumi. And FemShep of course. And every other Asari.

What’s your favorite video game of all time? And what are you playing right now?
I’m going to have to say World of Warcraft. I played it for about 7 years. I met some really amazing people, including my best friend. I don’t play anymore but it will always be very very special to me.
I just finished playing the new Wolfenstein game. I actually thought it was really fun but I don’t know anyone else who is playing it to TALK ABOUT IT WITH. And now I’m playing Remember Me. I also dabble in Plague Inc, but I’m not very good at it. Still fun though!

Where can we find & buy your art?
I have 3 places I post my art. My DeviantArt ruthieee, my art Tumblr ruthieeeart, and my Society6 ruthieee, where you can buy prints, pillows, t-shirts and other cool stuff. Slight theme in my usernames.

Mass Effect Portraits by Ruthie

Prints, iphone cases, t-shirts and much more with the portraits on are available at Society6, just click the images below to head over there.

Mass Effect Figures & Action Figures

You might or might not know this already but the Mass Effect series has a crazy amount of figures, toys and action figures, some of my favorite characters from the games are available as figures, for example Garrus Vakarian is available in plastic (one of my favorite companions in the game, both in combat and otherwise), or how about Mordin Solus, the Salarian Scientist. There’s plenty of figures to choose from with 16 different Mass Effect figures to choose from only on this page, the quality varies on these figures with everything from high quality collectibles to action figures that are made to be played with, to have a closer look click any of the pictures to head over to Amazon where all these are being sold.

Cute Mass Effect 3 Toys

Here are some other toys figures in a much much cuter version from the toy company, Funko. How about a cute little Garrus, Tali, Commander Shepard or Miranda? Extremely cute toys made out of Vinyl, they’re about 3 3/4-Inch tall, and oh, did I mention they look freaking super cute?

Mass Effect Posters & Prints

The last category of merchandise from Mass Effect are art prints and posters from this game series. You’ll find down below for example official game art from Mass Effect 3 but mostly art made by fans inspired by the Mass Effect games. Browse around and check these prints out, click on the images to head over to Amazon or Society6 for a closer look at these beauties.

Thanks for checking this page out, if you have any suggestions or comments on Mass Effect merchandise on this page or merchandise you think should be on this page, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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