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League of Legends (LoL) is the biggest MOBA games ever, with over 12 million players login in each day to play the game. Those are numbers hard to beat, even for AAA games like Dota 2. And when a game becomes popular like this,  the merchandise will come, and a lot of it. And it’s only natural that the gamers that love LoL wants to express their dedication to the game also outside in the real world with t-shirts, toys, figures and other trinkets and gadgets. So if you’re a League of Legends fan or looking for a gift to somebody who is, then this list is for you. I try to include a variety of different League of Legends merchandise from a range of different vendors and stores online. If you want more information about a item on this page or if you want to get any of these, then just click any of the thumbnails down below and you’ll get redirected to the shop that it’s located at.

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T-shirts and Clothing

Wear your hero

I will start off with some t-shirt inspired by the game League of Legends, both funny and beautiful t-shirt prints can be found down below, pick your favorite hero and wear it as a shirt. All the t-shirts are either from Jinx and their LoL section there or Redbubbles League of Legends T-shirt category, both are great vendors knows for their quality and geeky t-shirts. All the t-shirt are aviable in both Man and Womens sizes, and a variety of colors and sizes.

Interview with Linkitty – a League of Legends fanart artistLinkitty

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
I’m Esther, known as Linkitty, I’m a 22 years old Spanish girl who loves to draw and design, playing video games and reading (a lot). I started my digital illustrations about 5 years ago, and started designing t-shirts about a year ago. Now I sell merchandising featuring my illustrations, as well as hand made plushies as poros.
How does the process look like when you’re creating your art?
I do all my work on Photoshop CS5, from sketch and concept to final art. I use a bamboo pen and touch Wacom tablet. (You can see a step by step drawing by LinKitty to the right)

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on a new line of designs, inspired on vintage tattoos, and featuring some elements from different League champions.
What motivated you to create art inspired by League of legends?
The game itself and some fans, I love the design of most of the champions, and a lot of people asked me to keep on drawing more when I started to do some for fun.

What’s your favorite hero in League of legends?
I love Lulu, design and skills. I have all her skins ♥

What’s your favorite video game of all time? And what are you playing right now?
The Longest Journey, it was one of the first PC games I played and I loved it. Now I’m playing League of Legends, Guild Wars II, and when I travel Pokemon Y and Animal Crossing. I don’t play to much though because I have no free time 🙁

Where can we find & buy your art?
You can find my art and other items on my Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/linkitty , and buy t-shirts with my designs on redbubble over here.
I also have a fanpage where I upload my work in progress: fb.com/LinkittyArt

Art and t-shirts by LinKitty over at Redbubble


Fluffy Poro Plushie – League of Legends plush by LinKitty


League of Legends Toys & Figures

How about a plushie and soft version of either Baron, Tibbers or Rammus, cute and cuddly and looks just fantastic, you can click each image below to get more info about these toys and figures. My personal favorite is the Rammus Keychain, looks great and it’s a solid little toy, the only problem is that it’s a bit pointy with all it’s spikes on his back, especially when I have him in my pocket!

Posters and prints

Here are some posters and art prints inspired and from the game. There’s two categories of prints below, there’s the official ones that you can find over at Jinx that including the Garen Poster, Darius and Draven Posters and the totally bad ass Nocturne Posters. And there’s also the fan made art prints that you can get over at Society6 and Amazon, like the Bunny Girl Riven print and the Tryndamere and Ashe print, just to name two, I like to mix it up like that, because there’s so many talented LoL fans our there that’s creating the most fantastic art, and I would love to show that to you guys.

These quality prints are perfect for the true LoL fan really, and are very fancy to have on your wall. You can click each of them to see a bigger and more detailed picture of the print.

Artist Interview – Monstruonauta


Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
Well, I’m an illustrator from Venezuela who loves to draw the monsters dwelling insides his head. My work in few words is based on 2D flat design, simple and minimalistic and particularly the thickness of my trace and geometry, every time I can I reflect it in my digital work.

What are you currently working on?
Personally and professionally I’m a part of a StartUp with 2 of my best friend, and I currently don’t have any illustration project in progress. several are in pause, like the League of Legend’s posters one, the daruma’s series and what I meant to be a 365 days, 365 video games challenge which you can see at 365.monstruonauta.com

What motivated you to create fan art inspired by League of Legends?
Simple, I am a League of Legend’s player, like everyone I started at NA, but for connection speed issues I moved no LAN when they opened the servers.
When I initiated the LoL project I did it as something personal, I didn’t thought it would received so much acceptance, and I did it alphabetically just to not give any preference to my favorite champions. From then on, I’ve been uploading them to my Society6 store as they come out.

What’s your favorite character in League of Legends?
It is hard to have just one favorite champion, but if I had to pick just one I’d choose my Lux Sniper, but among my favorites there are many: Rammus, Morgana, Cassiopeia, Brand, Teemo, Maokai, Udyr, Braum, Katarina, Warwick… and I think thats just it…

What’s your favorite video game of all time? And what are you playing right now?
I think I would have to say The Legend of Zelda a link to the past, currently I’m playing Spirit Stones, a mobile game that mixes RPG with TGC and puzzle; and every now and then I play LoL just to not loose the old habit.

Where can we find & buy your League of Legends art?
Currently you can find my LoL works in my Society6 store: society6.com/monstruonauta
Some of my other work can be found at my Redbubble store and design by humans.
You can also follow me at facebook to be up to date with promos and new stuff fb.com/monstruonauta

alistarAhriAatroxAbove art are aviable as prints and on other products over at Monstruonauta Society6 page, just click the images to head over there.


Iphone and Ipad cases

Make your Apple products as pretty as they can be, iphone and ipad cases with art from the game. The first cases are made by fans of the game, artist who love creating their own versions of the game art, those can be found at Society6. Almost all of those cases are available as both soft and hard cover, and also for the Samsung Galaxy, finally some love for the Samsung people!

Then later in the list you’ll find cases with official art from the game like the cases feature heroes Kat vs. Ryze, Morgana and Bunny Riven. These are hard plastic cases for you mobile. You can read reviews and comments about these iphone and ipad cases if you click the thumbnails of them, there you will find all the information you need about them, like how much they cost and where to buy them.

Thanks for checking out my post, and I hope you found at least some piece of League of Legends merchandise that you like or want to buy. If you have any LoL merchandise that you think I should feature on this list feel free to leave a comment down below and make your suggestion, I’m always open to suggestions here on Foxygamer. Also if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.


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