The Biggest & Best League of Legends Forums & Communities

We all know that League of Legends is a huge game with millions of gamers playing LoL on a regular basis, and it’s only natural that such a huge game also have variety of different forums all around the internet, where you can discuss tactics & builds, share your fan art, LoL videos & pictures or just hang out with other gamers from all around the world that also love League of Legends. I this guide I will show you some of the best communities and forums around for LoL, if you like I’m missing some League of Legends community on my list feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and I’ll might feature your suggestion on this list.

Official League of Legends Community Site

League of Legends Community site

I’ll start off this thread with a quite obvious one on this list, the official League of Legends forum and community, you most likely know about this site but none the less is it a great community with a lot of resources and sections for you to discuss and chat in. They got everything you would expect from a official forum, everything from technical support to sections with discussions about heroes and tactics. It’s also one of the few chances you get to speak your mind about the game directly to the developers because they do read suggestions in the forums (they might not always listen but that’s a completely other topic). This forum and site is also a great starting point if your new to the game and want to learn and get better at the game.

You can also get all the latest news from the game like Esports news, patch notes and much much more. It’s a great and extremely popular community that you at least should visit now and then if you’re a true LoL fan.

League of Legends Community

LoLPro – Forum, Tactics & Tournaments

lolpro forum

LolPro is a extremely popular forum with thousands of members online all the time, it’s a great place for both newbies and “pros” to hang out and discuss, share and just talk about League of Legends. It’s a great site with a lot of guides, videos and tactics to learn and watch so you can improve your own gameplay, one of my favorite sections on this forum is the Ask the Pros section where you can ask some pretty epic players & Lol pros for advice or any other question you would like to get answered. They always host their own tournament, though it might not be a big one it’s still fun that they have it and it’s great for the community.

It’s overall a great LoL forum with some pretty good guides and videos, defiantly worth checking out.

LolPro’s Forum

Solo Mid – MOBA community

solomid forum

Solomid is a MOBA community which focus mainly on League of Legends, the site got both some guides & news from the game and the world of esport, but the reason it’s on this list is not that, it’s because of their forum, their forum is also another extremely popular place with thousands of active members login in daily. They got a Champions Strategy section where you can find everything from guides to discussions about tactics and strategy for heroes and whole teams. There’s a great section that’s called “Looking for Groups”, this place is perfect for any team recruiting for new members or if you’re looking for a team to join, there’s a huge variety of skill levels here, so there’s teams to join for everyone here, both the pros and the beginners, which is great if you ask me, because it helps a lot to have a team to play with in order to improve your gameplay, I would defiantly recommend that you check out that section if you haven’t a team to play in already.

SoloMid Forums

Garena League of Legends Forum

Next up is Garena LoL community, this is yet another huge forum with thousands of Lol Fans participating in the community. This is a much better categorized forum then Solomid, Garena got much more sections and sub-forums which makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for on the forum. There’s a huge help section where you can get help from the forum and it’s members, it’s overall a very supportive forum with helpful members. Also this forum has a Clan & Team recruitment section where you can find clans to join or create your own clan and recruit members here. The Tournaments & Events section is another very active part of this forum, with a lot of tournaments going on all the time, great place to find tournaments to enter.

Recommend forum for both the more advanced League of Legends player as well as the new players look to improve or just a community to share and chat in.

Garena Leauge of Legends Forum

I hope you found a League of Legends Forums or Community that you want to join on this list or that you found something new. Also if you enjoyed this list you might like Foxygamer’s other League of Legends guides/lists, like the one with the best League of Legends merchandise like t-shirts, posters, toys and much more. You can find the link to the list over here, The best League of Legends Merchandise

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