TF2 idling guide – Is Idling allowed?

Many people seems to be looking for a answer including myself for the question if Idling in Team Fortress 2 is allowed or not. Valve hasn’t come out with any statement regarding idling, they have only said that idling using a third party software isn’t allow, or using any third party software with Team Fortress 2, if you’re doing that then you might be in trouble.

We can’t be 100% sure that Valve is OK with idling but let’s just look at the facts and make a assumption with the facts that we have.

  • Valve is making a lot of money on everyone who’s idling, Why? because you need a TF2 premium account in order to get items that are tradeable or marketable. Every gamer who needs a idling account needs to get premium and that means more money for Valve, and Valve likes money.
  • Valve knows people are idling and they have known that for years now, but they haven’t banned anyone for it or even made a statement about it. They only said idling using software isn’t allowed. If they wanted people to stop doing it they would have said so by now.
  • How to idle is even written down on the official Team Fortress 2 Wiki, TF2 idle

There you have it, not the answer but the facts. I think it’s rather clear that Valve doesn’t mind idling and they have no intentions in stopping it either because they’re making money off it.

Tf2 Idle Guide

How to idle in TF2

Now that you seen the facts you can either decide to start idling or don’t. I will show you in a few simple steps how you can idle in a easy and efficient way with one account. I will show you how to idle using the method that can be found on the TF2 wiki, with this idle method you will go into TF2 text mode which will drain minimal resources, so you can do other things on the computer while you idle.

 First Step, Go to your Game Library on Steam

tf2 idle guide

Second Step, Right click Team Fortress 2 and choose “Properties”

tf2 idle guide

Third Step, now a screen that looks like this will pop up, click on the “Set Launch Options…” button

tf2 idle guide

Last Step, Now another window will pop up, just take this code and past into the little box then press OK.

-textmode -nosound -noipx -novid -nopreload -nojoy -sw -maxplayers 2 +sv_lan 1 +map “itemtest”

tf2 idle guide

That’s it, just open Team Fortress 2 and it will launch in text mode, just let it idle for a few hours and let it be. You can get 5-10 items each week, it’s not much but it’s still great for anyone who’s not playing TF2 that much or don’t have time too. If you want to start Team Fortress 2 the ordinary way and play the game just remove the text in the Launch options, press OK and then launch the game.

Idling on more then one account at once

It’s possible to idle on more then one account at once, but doing so will take some time to set up and you will need several premium TF2 accounts in order to get items you can trade. I would only recommend this to advanced users that are serious about getting TF2 items. You can use the method I show above, where you idle with one account at once, and then just switch accounts and idle each account one by one, this is of course not ideal and can get a but annoying.

If you want idle smoothly with more then one account at once you can use a method that is using a software called Sandboxie, this software do cost a bit of money, but the software makes idling much easier, I feature a video guide down below where you’ll learn everything you need to know, I suggest checking out the videos description on Youtube for more information, also I’m not a expert on idling with more then one account so if you have any questions I would suggest you ask them in the comment section of the video.

Just a few things to keep in mind when starting to idle with more then one account.

  • Setting up your idling and account can take some time, it’s not always a smooth ride.
  • Remember that you need to get a premium gift for each account in order to be able to trade your items.
  • All items you obtain with a free-to-play account will become tradeable when you upgrade it to premium, so it can be worth idling free accounts.
  • Overall idling is one of the best free ways of getting tf2 items relatively fast

Check this video out if this is something you would want to do, you’ll find all the information you need in the video.

TF2: Multiple Account Idling Video

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