Guild Wars 2 Merchandise – Cute Quaggans, T-shirts, Posters

When it comes to merchandise for the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 there’s no shortage, there’s plenty of stuff to get for the GW2 Fan, just to mention a few there’s Guild Wars 2 gaming mouses, keyboards, mouse pads, stickers and even books, but can be a messy task to look through all the merchandise that’s out there, that’s why I put together a list some of my favorites in the sea of stuff that there is on the market, I don’t own all of these things but I still love these stuff nonetheless. This page of for all you Guild Wars 2 Fans or for you who know somebody who loves this great game, any of these items are great as a gift to a gamer who loves Guild Wars 2.

I’m myself a huge Guild Wars 2 fan, and I been playing Guild Wars since the first game. I love the feel of this game world and I think that is why I want to take it out into the real world and surround me with amazing Guild Wars 2 items. Oh the pretty things! If you think I missed some epic Guild Wars 2 item that isn’t on this list feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page in the guest book and tell me about it and I will check it out. I would really appreciate that.

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T-shirt and Clothes

We’ll start off this list with some t-shirt inspired the world of Tyria, how about a cute t-shirt with a quaggan couple spreading that love around. There’s also one college style t-shirt print with the  Rata Sum University on it, show where you got your training at. Most of the t-shirts can be bought at Redbubbles, just click any print to head over there, also if you check out the posters in the category down below, some of these prints are avaiable as t-shirts also, worth checking out them if you love the designs and want them on your chest.

Branded Gaming Gear and Mouse pads

Steelseries has created some quality gaming gear together with the Guild Wars brand, gaming mouse and headset that comes in the stylish GW2 red and white style, looks very slick if you ask me. There’s also official mouse pads with Eir and Logan from Guild Wars 2.

GW2 Posters & Art prints

Here’s a few Posters and prints with game art, you can find all these prints over at Amazon or at Society6. You can either get official art work as posters over at Amazon, or there’s a few fan made prints available, these come in a bunch of different sizes, from small to huge. Many of the designs are also available to get not only as prints, but you can get a GW2 tote bag, iphone case or mug also, it all depends on what the artist choose to selling their design as.

Misc Merchandise

In this last category of GW2 merchandise you can find a few special stuff for sure, I’ll walk you though every item in the list, we’ll start with a red decal sticker with the Guild Wars 2 logo on it. Then there’s my absolute favorite on this list, a hand made Quaggan Backpack, this looks so cute and amazing if you ask me, absolutely lovely, but it’s hand made so it comes at a relatively high price, but you’re getting quality merchandise here. The third item is also handmade, Golem Earring, perfect gifts for the true Guild Wars fan. The absolute last item on this list is the Charr Plushie toy that you can find in the Official ArenaNet store, might not look exactly like a Charr from the game but this is more cute version.


Thanks for checking out this list, if you have any suggestions, thoughts or anything ells, feel free leave a comment down below.



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