How To Get Guild Wars 2 For Free

Guild wars 2 sure is a unique MMO, many of it’s features have never been seen before in a online game, one example of these unique features is that guild wars 2 have no monthly fee, this is really rare on the mmorpg market, but it’s not totally free either!
So don’t confuse it with all these free-to-play mmorpgs out there, guild wars is just like any regular game, you buy it and that’s it. That what makes Guild Wars 2 perfect for the poor or cheap gamer. But what if you want the game to be 100% free? Or maybe you just don’t have the money to buy the game, then this guide is perfect for you. I will show you how to get Guild wars 2 without paying anything.
I will show you a method I have used for years now to get free video games, it’s a simple but effective way to earn different kind of rewards in exchange of doing surveys and free offers. I quick reminder is that this is NOT for all you lazy people out there, what sets this guide apart from other guides that promises free videos games and rewards is that this method require you to work and actually earn your rewards, if that isn’t anything you want to do then I suggest you skip reading this guide and just go out and buy Guild Wars 2. But let’s face it, nobody is going to hand you Guild Wars 2 for free without asking for something in return, so this is as good as it gets, so let’s start earning our own copy of Guild Wars 2 now!
Here’s a overview of the guide and what you can expect and what not to expect. I made this so you can easier read and decide if this guide is anything for you, without wasting a lot of time reading this whole page.

guldwars2 for free

  • This guide is 100% Free and it doesn’t cost anything to use or read it.
  • Anyone can use this guide to get Guild Wars 2 or any other game, all ages and all countries
  • This guide is NOT going to ask you to download any software or files.
  • The guide is NOT for lazy people. This guide is about earning your copy of Guild Wars. You won’t be handed a free copy of the game right away. If you want the game NOW I suggest you buy it in a store or ask your mom to buy it for you.
  • The guide is all about using a site called Points2Shop, it’s a site where you can earn different rewards like Guild Wars 2 by doing simple tasks like surveys or free offers. (Read more about how to use Points2Shop below)
    This method is 100% legit and legal. I myself have earned over $1000 doing this. (very hard work in 2 years time)


Points2Shop Explained

Now let’s get started. In this guide we’ll be using a site called Points2Shop to get our free copy of Guild Wars 2.
Let me explain how Points2Shop works:
People signs up on points2shop and dose different simple task, for example filling in a quick survey, signing up on some free site or any other simple task. And for each task/offer/survey you do you get awarded with points or cash, and with these points and cash you can exchange them for rewards like Guild Wars 2 or any other game.
This is a great way to earn your way to the guild wars world. It will take some time for you to get the game but it will be a way to get Guild wars 2 totally free, making it a perfect site for all us poor gamers out there.

Signing up on Points2Shop

The next step to get Guild Wars 2 for free is to sign up on Points2shop. It’s a simple and 100% free process and can be done in just a few minutes. First head over to the Points2Shop homepage by clicking Here or on the button right here.

Sign up here

After you gone to the homepage just enter your email and click Sign up in the big box at the middle of the page. Then you just follow the instructions that follows and enter the info that is needed of you. Make sure you enter correct info otherwise you can stumble upon problems later, for example if you don’t enter a valid email address they won’t know where to send your rewards when you claim them, same applies for your home address if you’re planning on ordering the Guild Wars 2 as your reward later on.
It’s also important that you verify your email after you have signed up, verifying is easy and only takes a few seconds, check your mail after registration for more info how you do that. if you don’t sign up you won’t have full access to the site and won’t be able to claim rewards with your points.
And I would much appreciated if you signed up to Points2shop with the above link or by clicking the picture right there. Because for each member that signs up to the site under my link I get a money bonus, see it at your way of saying thanks to me for doing this guide. Also I try and help all the people that signs up under to get started with the site.

After you have signed up and confirmed your email it’s time to get started with the site. I will show you how you can easily get started on the site and how to start earning your way to a free copy of Guild Wars 2.

What you first want to do is head over to the “Earning Points” section. You can find it at the top of the site. (see picture if you can’t find it) Here you will find all the offers, surveys and all the other ways of earning points and cash on this site.


Here you will find different kind of surveys, free offers, websites to sign up on, videos to watch and a lot of other things to do, all these task will reward you with points that you can exchange for Guild Wars 2 later on.
Conclusion of the Guide: Free Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 logo
So how long will it take to get Guild Wars 2 for free? It all depends on how much time and effort you put into the site, but I would say from a week to up to a month. Give the site a try and if it’s not for you then forget about it. But I’ll tell you this, you won’t find a better, faster and free way to get Guild Wars 2 then this.
This might not be a super fast way to get games for free online but it’s 100% free, easy and anyone can do it. This is as good as it gets for us poor gamers!

That’s the end of my guide, thanks for reading it. And if you signed up under my link on Points2Shop feel free to email me there and ask anything you want, you’ll get access to my user name and a short introduction to the site when you sign up with my link.

Thanks again and I’ll see you in Tyria!

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