Grand Theft Auto Merchandise – Posters, T-shirts & more

GTA has been one of the most controversy & best selling game series for many years now, when the media thinks about Grand Theft Auto they think violence and a brutal game series, that might be true but thats not what we think, what the fans think when about GTA is, games filled with awesome action, gameplay with tons of freedom and games resembling Hollywood action movie a great deal, basically games filled with fun. That’s just some of the reasons why I personally love this game series and I know many of you out there feel the same.

This list is for all you fans out there that want to show your love for this game series, I will list some of the best GTA merchandise available to buy throughout several stores online. I tried to include as much variety as I possible can and I also try to avoid the merchandise found in the official Rockstar merchandise store, mainly because most people already know about that store and I feel that there’s really no need to point out what they got in stock, that being said I couldn’t exclude the official store completely from this list, some merch are from there, for example the Claude action figure from Grand Theft Auto III.

Just click any of the pictures down below to get to the store that’s selling that specific GTA item. I hope you find something worth checking out, let’s begin!

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Grand theft auto merchandise

T-shirts and Apparel

In this first section I collected some of my personal favorites when it comes to GTA t-shirts, most of these are fan made t-shirts from the t-shirt store Redbubble and some on the list are from the official Rockstar store. The Michael, Trevor & Franklin adventure time style t-shirt is probably my personal favorite among these, it’s the cartoonish one up top, it’s a fantastic looking t-shirt if you’re looking for a fun GTA t-shirt. If you’re out for a more serious print I like the “The good, The bad and The ugly” t-shirt prints, looks great if you ask me.

“Sadly” most t-shirts are from GTA V, I would love to feature more t-shirts from the earlier games but it’s hard to find, if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Grand Theft Auto Poster & Art prints

Next up are Posters and art prints to put on your wall, most of the prints are from GTA IV but you’ll find a few from the earlier games too. These are a mixture of official art from the game that you can get over at Amazon.com and two posters in the list that are from the official Rockstar store. There’s also a bunch of awesome fan made posters and art prints inspired by GTA, those are my personal favorite, like the Baseball bat Silhouette of Claude from GTA 3, fantastic colors and a beautiful landscape. Just click any of the posters to get a closer look at them over at their respective store pages.


Claude Action Figure from GTA III

Next we have my absolute favorite on this list, it’s Claude from GTA 3 as a action figure, holy crap I know! He looks awesome. Claude comes with a huge arsenal of weapons from the game, he can also slip into something more comfortable and “run” around in a orange prison suit if you find that orange more appealing. He’s 12 inch tall and is built with quality and is very flexible for a figure.

This kind of quality comes at a price of coures, he’s defiantly not cheap (€138). This GTA III figure is limited edition with only 1500 figures created with less then 100 figures left to buy.


Misc merchandise

Last but not least, we got some pretty unquie and awesome merchandise from Etsy, if you don’t know what Etsy is it’s a community where anyone can open up their own store and sell their handmade art and crafts. Here are my personal favorites from Etsy when it comes to GTA merchandise.

First off there’s a GTA Logo Embroidery that you can sew on top something, like your jacket or backpack for example, looks great and have that retro GTA style. Then there’s the GTA V Stickers 3 Pack with Michael, Franklin and Trevor looking all cute and pixely. And the last Grand Thef Auto merchandise on this page is something for the tiny once, it’s a baby bodysuit that says “Grand Theft Auto V stole my dad”, adorable and probably true, all geek parents should own this. Just click any of the images to check out the store that sells them.





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