How to get Free Station Cash

Station Cash is the currency that is being used in a bunch of SOE games (Sony Online Entertaiment) like Planetside 2, DC Universe Online and Everquest 2 to name a few, with the Station cash you can buy all sorts of things in these games, everything from cosmetic things, weapons, in-game currencies and cosmetic items. The Station Cash is amazing to have no doubt about it, it unlocks so much fun and content in these games, but the down side is of course that the Station Cash costs real money to get. Most of us who play these free-to-play MMOs don’t want to spend any cash at all on these games, that’s why we started playing them in the first place, that’s where this guide comes into the picture, in this guide I will show you how to get unlimited free Station Cash without spending a single dollar, this is not yet another guide for getting a small and limited amount of SC to your account, the more effort spend on this guide, the more SC will you receive, sounds good right?

This guide requires your time and effort for it to work, this guide is nothing for lazy people who have come here thinking somebody will hand you a bunch of Stations Cash without asking for anything in return, that’s simply not going to happen, unless you go ask your mom for money right now.

This is a guide that shows how you can get the Station Cash you want if you are willing to work for them, I’m not saying it’s hard work, anyone can do it, this guide is much quicker then grinding in any of the SOE games for example, it can’t even be compared, but more on that later on in this guide. Now let’s scroll down and we’ll get started with the guide on how to get free station cash.

free station cash

Now let’s get started with the guide itself. This Station Cash Guide is about using a site called Points2Shop
So what’s Points2Shop? It’s a site you register on and complete different kind of tasks, surveys, watching videos and stuff like that, and for each task that you complete you get either a cash reward or a points reward that you can exchange for pretty much anything, that including Station Cash for your favorite SOE game. This site is a great way of getting free stuff in general and it’s used by thousands of users each and every day. Now it’s time for the the first step of this guide. Registering on Points2Shop

The sign up is quick and easy, there’s just a few things to think about when registering and that’s to use a valid email when signing up, because in order to get a valid account on the site and to start earning your Station Cash cards you need to verify your email, you do that by checking your email after you have signed up.
It’s also important to only make one account, if you create more then one account you will get banned.

You can sign up on Points2Shop by clicking the button down below:

Sign up on Points2Shop here

Use my link and get a few benefits on Points2shop.
If you become my referral and register via my link right above here I help you personally with all the questions you have about Points2Shop, so you get can started on the site as fast as possible. I try and help all my referrals as much as I can. I won’t hold your hand and do all the work for you, but I would gladly answer any question my referrals have.

Earning your Station Cash

Once you completed the registration it’s time to start using Points2Shop in order to get Station Cash funds you want. First step is to head over to the Earnings Area of Points2Shop, you will find this section of the site at the top of the screen at the menu tab.
Here you will find a huge variety of ways of earning points or cash, I would recommend that you first check out the Surveys, the videos and then all the free offers. Try different ways of earning and find the way that suits you the best, just a heads up is that most of these tasks aren’t any fun to do, but that’s not the reason you do them, you do them in order to get Station cash, just keep reminding yourself that when completing offers and surveys, for me personally it’s definitely worth it, but that’s just me.
How long will it take to get a Station Cash card on this site? It all depends on how much work and effort you’re willing to invest in the site, so I can’t really answer that, the more you do the faster you’ll get your reward.

A few important tips and tricks when completing Surveys and Offers

Create a new email that you use when completing offers & surveys, this way you will avoid getting any spam or junk mail. Keep in mind that Points2Shop itself will never send any spam or anything like that, it’s the companies behind the surveys and offers that sometimes sends out junk mail. Registering a new email just takes a few minutes, I would recommend getting a Gmail Account (Google Mail) or a Yahoo mail.
Another great thing about the site is that you can chat with online members in the shoutbox on the Points2Shop homepage, here you can ask questions and request help from the users of the site, the members are often very helpful and can give you some great advice on what surveys and offers that’s worth doing for example, or you ask any other question you have about this site.

Getting your Station Cash

Station Cash Cards

When the completed enough tasks and earned enough to get a Station Cash Card it’s time to head over to the reward gallery on the site, here you’ll find all the different reward you can get from using Points2Shop, it’s basically everything that you can order on Amazon, so you can imagine that there’s quite a lot of rewards to choose from. You find the Reward Gallery by clicking the tab “Spend Points” at the top of the site, then you can just search for your reward that you want to claim with your points. So just search for Station Cash and make sure you search within the Computer and Video games category. If you don’t find it that means it’s not available in your region, but don’t worry, you can always cash out real money to Paypal for example, then buy the Station Cash in-game or by login into your SOE and buying them there with your PayPal money.


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