Fallout Merchandise – Gaming T-shirts, Posters and Toys

Like many big game series out there, there’s merchandise for the Fallout series, and no wonder really, the fallout series is known for it’s unique art style with Vault Boy and the post-apocalyptic feeling that follows you around in all the games. Also the game series has had a massive following of fans for many years now, since Fallout one was released back in 1997. That’s too me the perfect recipe for some awesome merchandise, great art style and a huge fan base that wants to buy stuff related to the game! Sounds good to me. In this post we’ll be looking at everything from t-shirts and posters to all other types of Fallout and Fallout 3 merchandise. If you’re a fan of the games I’m sure you find something worth checking out.

All items on this page is for sale on some online store. You can click on all pictures in order to head over to the store that sells that specific item.

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Fallout T-shirts – Everything from Nuka Cola to Vault boy

First off are some pretty fancy t-shirts for the Fallout fan, you could either go for a official Vault Boy Thumbs up t-shirt or pick something different like any of the fan made t-shirts you can find below. I personally just love the Fallout and Disney mash up with the Wasteland t-shirt, it looks just fantastic. Or why not get a Nuka cola t-shirts, these shirts have a tasty vintage feeling to them. All the fan made t-shirts can be found on Redbubble, which is a t-shirt and design community where anyone can sell their prints, t-shirts and artwork, worth checking out if you’re looking for something unique, just click the pictures to head over there.


Fallout 3 Posters & Prints

Next up are posters and prints from Fallout 3 and Vegas and also from the earlier games. A bunch of Fallout 3 concept art to put on your wall for example, loving the post-apocalyptic landscapes. There’s also a few vintage Pip Boy/Vault Boy posters for sale. Great gifts for the Fallout nerd/geek or get them for your gaming room and make it all pretty. But my absolute favorite is as always the fan made posters, these can be found at Society6 and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and some even are available on products like mugs, mobile cases and t-shirts.

You can buy all these prints over at Amazon or Society6, just click any poster or print to get there.


Toys, figures and other Merchandise

Here’s a few toys and other miscellaneous items related to the Fallout series. You’ll see below lighter with Vault Boy on them, comes in red and blue, very fancy. Or why not get the Vault-Tec Fallout 3 Lunchbox, you’ll have the geekiest lunch for sure with this bad boy, looks great if you ask me. And of course my absolute favorite on this page when it come to Fallout Merchandise, the Vault Boy bobble head toy figure. It might not be built with the best quality around but who cares when it looks so damn cute, this little fellow is 5 inches tall and he will wiggle his head for you pleasure.

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