List of the Best Dota 2 Trading Sites

Dota 2 has a big and active community, everything from leagues and tournaments to communities about sharing their experience and great moments of this epic MOBA game, but one of the most active part of this game is actually the trading part of this game, thousands of players are trading Dota 2 items each and every day, all from treasure keys to hero items and carriers. So where is the best place to do your trading? My best advice would be to head over to one of many trading websites that’s devoted to Dota 2 and the trading of items in this game, in this post I will list some of the best sites where you can do your Dota 2 trading in.

What’s in common for most Dota 2 trading sites is that you need to login with your Steam account in order to use the sites full potential. You need to do this in order to give the trading site permission to see what’s in your Dota 2 inventory and see what items you got. Just make sure that you never login on any site other then the official Steam and Steam Community sites, always double check the URL before entering passwords or anything ells.

Dota 2 Trading

Dota 2 Outpost

Dota 2 marketplace

On the Outpost you can search for trades or put up your own trades, the site has thousands of active users all the time and you can trade everything from TF2 items, dota 2 items and other Steam items like games also. This marketplace has a easy to use design and the whole site runs pretty smooth, and it’s easy to get started with the site. If we’re going to talk about the negative things about this site then there’s the phishing links that are being spread in the comment sections of many trades, this is something most trading sites has to deal with and you don’t have to worry about it really as long as you use your common sense and don’t click any links that look weird.

  • Big site, thousands of members
  • Great design with easy-to use interface
  • Both TF2, Dota 2 and Steam items can be trade on the site.


Link to Dota 2 Outpost

Dota 2 Lounge

Marketplace with trading and Dota 2 betting


This site works very similar to Dota 2 outpost, the biggest difference is that this site is much more Dota 2 oriented with the trades and almost only Dota items are being traded here. The Lounge also has a cool feature that’s called betting, with betting you can bet items on big matches, bet dota 2 items on your favorite team and see if it pays off, a very unique little e-sport feature that can be rather thrilling without the risk of losing any real money. This site also has a huge community with thousands of active members including a semi-active Steam group with a forum. Worth checking out

  • Big Plus with the betting feature
  • Active and big community


Link to Dota 2 Lounge

Dota 2 Traders

Dota 2 trading forum


This next one is a trading forum where you can trade all your Dota 2 items, buying, selling, trading, you name it.  One of the biggest trading forums when it comes to Dota 2 items. Trading using a forum can be a bit different instead of using these classified ads sites, it all depends on what you’re most comfortable using when you’re trading, so check it out and give it a try.

Just be sure to sign up and login on the forum, because you can’t see the trading section and all the trading posts if you’re just a guest on the forum and not logged in, so create a account if you’re interested in this forum.

  • One of the biggest trading forums for dota 2.
  • A very active forum with trades going on all the time.
  • Has a great community.


Link to Dota 2 Traders Forum

Dota 2 Prices

Check prices for items


This next time is a extremely useful site that keeps track of different Dota 2 items value and price, it’s a great tool to see what and item is worth. There’s thousands of items in Dota 2 and it’s really hard to keep track of them all, making this site very useful. All the prices are being updated all the time so you can expect to see relevant prices on, though the prices are just recommendations and are not always 100% correct. You can check prices for pretty much all the Dota 2 items here, Couriers, Equipment, Sets, Stranges & Modifiers and Tools, Announcers & Other items.

  • See what items are worth.
  • News & Updates from Dota 2 on their blog.
  • Perfect for double checking what’s something is worth.
  • Great for new traders as well as more experienced traders.


Link to Dota 2 Prices

That’s all the sites on my list feel free to leave a comment if you have any sites that you think I should include in the list. Also make sure to check out our other Dota 2 posts, check them out over here;
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