The Best DoTA 2 T-shirts

It hasn’t been long since Valve released DoTA 2 but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any merchandise and apparel for this epic MOBA game, there’s plenty of gaming stores that have shirt and t-shirt for Valve’s DoTA 2 already and I will show you some of my personal favorite of the DoTA 2 t-shirts that’s out for sale right now. Everything from fan made t-shirt to gaming stores with their own take on a epic shirts. All the prints and designs on this page are for sale and you can click on the thumbnails to get a better picture and get to the store that it’s located at.

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dota2 tshirts

Redbubble DoTA T-shirt Store

Fan made DotA2 designs and prints

Redbubble is a store where everyone can upload their designs and prints, and then sell them on their website, Redbubble takes care of all the printing and making of the t-shirts and the members of the site are just reasonable for the prints that they make, that way you know you’ll get good quality t-shirt but still with a huge number of different designs and prints made by fan to the game from all around the world, down below you can check out some of my personal favorite DoTA 2 t-shirt from Redbubble.

They got prints with Juggernaut, Tidehunter, Bloodseeker and many many more heroes, click any of the pictures to get to the store to see a large picture.



Jinx Dota 2 T-shirt and apparel store

Jinx is a store that specializing in gaming and geek apparel, t-shirt and toys, and of course they have there own DoTA 2 section with some nice t-shirt in. Check out larger images of the t-shirt by clicking each thumbnail down below.

Why not wear Wizard and Donkey on your shirt and start showing your love for DoTA 2. Each dota t-shirt on J!nx includes a in-game item, check for more details in the description of each t-shirt. The Tidehunter T-shirt for example includes a single use code for a item called Recluse Reef Denizen. These codes are limited and will be given out with each t-shirt as long as their supplies last.

If you have any Dota t-shirt or clothing you think should be featured on this list then feel free to post a comment down below with your suggestion and I’ll might feature it on this Dota list.

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