How to delete a steam group (with pictures)

This guide is a simple step by step instruction for Steam group admins that wants to delete their group and not just leave the group. I’ll start off with saying that there’s currently no “delete group” button available in Steam groups, but fear not, there’s a easy way around it.

What you need to do in order to delete your group is to make the group absolutely empty of members, if you’re the only member of the group and then leaves the group, the group will get deleted, simple as that. Deleting a group gets a bit more time consuming if you have members, and if you have a lot of members it will take awhile to delete your group, because you need to kick every single player in the group.

It’s a simple way of doing it but it might take some time. If you’re unsure how to do all this then don’t worry, I will show you how to delete your Steam group step by step in the guide below, and with pretty pictures to help you out.


First step, header over to your groups.


Click your name and choose Groups.


Here you’ll find all the groups you’re a member of. Browse down to the group you want to delete and click the Visit admin page, left of the group name and picture.

Go to group settings


Now you’re in the admin panel of your group. To the right you see a bunch of settings for your group. Find Manage group members and click it. That’s where you can promote, ban and kick your members (among many things), but we’re going there to click all our members.

Kicking all the members of the group


If you don’t have any members in your group you can skip this step and move onto the next one. But if you do have members you need to kick them all. Just click the red cross beside each members name, then confirm you want to kick that member by clicking “Ok”. Keep kicking all your members until it’s only you left in the members list of your group.

Leaving your Steam group


Once you’re the only member of your group it’s time to leave the group. Head over to the Steam groups home page, double check your the only member left (see member count at the right) then all you need to do is click the Leave group button.

That’s it, now your all done and your group is deleted.

Here’s a recap the guide on how to delete your Steam group.

  • Head over to the Admin panel of your group.
  • Go to Manage members and kick everyone.
  • When you’re the last member left in the group, leave the group.
  • Done. Your group is deleted.


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    Does not work. There is no “visit admin page.”

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      Then you’re not the admin…derp.

      • haha Reply

        I know right what an idiot!

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