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There’s so many great games on Steam but they’re not all that cheap, and finding cheap games on Steam can sometimes be a bit tricky, the deals and discounts on Steam are great but it’s not always the games you want that there’s a discount on, which can be a bit frustrating. If you want to find cheap Steam games there’s two things you can do and that’s either buy the game from another region (other regions may have other prices) or you can buy the Steam game from another game provider.

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Buying Cheap games on other places then Steam

There’s plenty of game providers that sell games that you can activate on Steam and put into your game library, the prices are usually much cheaper then on Steam, if you’re lucky you can save more then 50% on some games, if you want to buy a certain game it’s always best to check other stores and providers for cheaper prices then on Steam, because let’s face it, Steam isn’t always the best place to buy games.

You will get a cd-key if you buy a game from any of these gaming stores, you can add that cd-key to your Steam account and then it will be placed inside your Steam accounts library. But keep in mind that once you inserted a cd key and activated a game on your Steam account then that game (and cd-key) will be bound to your account forever.

When ordering from an outside game provider other then Steam, make sure that you can activate the game on Steam, because not all games can be played through Steam. It usually says in the game description in the store, but sometimes it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t say then do a quick google search to find out if it’s possible to add that game to your Steam account. Be aware that just because a game is on Steam doesn’t mean that the version of the game that you’re buying is possible to add to Steam.

Here’s a list of game providers that have Steam games available, all the store down below are legit and legal providers of game cd keys.


Greenman gaming

Green Man Gaming has a huge selection of downloadable games that you can activate on Steam, just make sure to read the description of the game you’re buying to find out if it’s possible to add it to Steam. Steam games on GmG are often much cheaper then on Steam with their regular prices, Green man gaming also have some insane discounts each week, where you can save 10-80% on games, 80% is of course rare but it happens from time to time. GmG have many of the top titles and many of the new game releases on Steam.  I suggest you check out green man gaming over here or click the image banner above. It’s also worth signing up for their newsletter to get access to all the latest discounts right in your mail box.


wowhd logo

WoW HD is a online store that provides games, music and movies all around the world, they do not provide any downloadable games, you will get your game shipped to you. You also need to do some research before you order a game, to see if the specific game is compatible with Steam. Wow hd is extremely cheap and one of the cheapest providers of physical games, the prices are low and get even lower with their discounts, which are as low as 30% sometimes. There discounts are many and usually they have a 20% discount on all the games a few times each month. Also the shipping is free world wide.

Finding cheap Steam games in other Regions

This is how it work, Steam Store is split up into regional stores, each region and countries have their own prices and game. Just because a game cost a certain price in one region doesn’t mean it will cost the same in another. The price can even be significantly different from region to region, making it extremely difficult to find the best deal for Steam games.

So how to get a game from another region?

The best way and easiest way of getting a Steam game from another region is to have a friend from another region to send you the game to you as a Steam gift. This require that you trust this person and that it is somebody that you really know, wouldn’t recommend doing this with some stranger that you found online. Just make sure that your friend buys the game as a gift and not buy it and place it in his game library right away, if he puts it in the library he can’t gift the game. You can go to Steamprices.com to see all the current prices on the different regions, just search for a game on the site then choose which regions to compare the prices with. Great way to see if it’s worth buying a game in another region than the one your in.


You can also check out my other post about how to get Free Steam games and why you should stay away from Steam key generators. In the guide I talk about a few methods of getting games on Steam for free, it’s nothing fancy and it takes a lot of time but it’s free and the methods works and that’s what matters really. You can find the guide by clicking here or by clicking the image down below.

Free steam games

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