Steam Guides

How to create a Steam Group

This is a basic guide on how to create a Steam group, the absolute basics of what you need to know in order to create your own little community on Steam. Where you do it and what you should think about.
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The Best Steam Trading Forums and Sites

Whether you’re looking to trade TF2 items or Steam game gifts you’re going to need a good trading forum or site in order to find people to trade with, trading servers for TF2 is another option but those tend to be very limited with only a handful of other players to trade with on the server you’re on, if you’re trading with the help of a site or trading forum on the other hand you can reach hu
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How to delete a steam group (with pictures)

This guide is a simple step by step instruction for Steam group admins that wants to delete their group and not just leave the group. I’ll start off with saying that there’s currently no “delete group” button available in Steam groups, but fear not, there’s a easy way around it. What you need to do in order to delete your group is to make the group absolutely empty of members, if youR
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How to find local/offline co-op games on Steam

Steam is a great place to find new games to play and there Steam store has thousands of games, you’ll find most of the top game titles in their store, and of course a huge amount of crap games, let’s not forget those, because most of us have some time or another made a bad purchase on Steam, for me it’s usually during sales I made some pretty bad buy decisions and I’ll end up with games worth
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buy tf2 keys

Where to buy cheap TF2 keys, metal & items for real money

There’s two official ways of buying TF2 keys, you either go in-game in Team Fortress 2 to the Mann co store and get your keys over there, or you can head over to the Steam community market and get your TF2 crate keys there. The community market is generally much cheaper then the Mann co store, because you’re buying your keys from other players and they’re competing with the prices to get their keys
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Dota 2 Trading

List of the Best Dota 2 Trading Sites

Dota 2 has a big and active community, everything from leagues and tournaments to communities about sharing their experience and great moments of this epic MOBA game, but one of the most active part of this game is actually the trading part of this game, thousands of players are trading Dota 2 items each and every day, all from treasure keys to hero items and carriers. So where is the best place to do your trading? M
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cheap Steam games

How to buy Steam games much cheaper then on the Steam Store

There’s plenty of great games on Steam, but you can’t buy them all can you, that would be a very expensive story, but using this guide you can at least save some money on buying games. It’s a rather simple method and a lot of gamers on Steam already knows about this way of buying Steam games, we’re going to take advantage of Steam sales/discounts and the fact that people in other countries can
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