thelastofus PS4

The Last of Us is coming to the PS4

If you still haven’t enjoy the game the Last of Us on the PS3 there’s still hope for you, the award winning game is coming to the Playstation 4 this summer. The PS4 version of the game will be a remastered version that will run in stunning 1080p, also we can expect the overall graphics for the remastered version to be beautiful, it’s on the PS4 after all, also as a added bonus the new version of the
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Everquest Next Landmark upcoming closed beta

Everquest Next Landmark which best can be described as Minecraft meets MMO is soon opening up applicants for their upcoming closed beta, Wednesday 26th March you can expect Everquest Next Landmark closed beta to start, a lot of excitement around this beta released but don’t confuse EQ Next Landmark with Everquest Next, which is a completely different thing, Everquest Next is the upcoming MMO that won’t go
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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Watch the new Crusader class

It’s not long until Blizzard’s Diablo 3 new expansion will be released, Reapers of Souls will be released on the 25th of March and alot of gamers are really excited for the release, the expansion will include a level cap increase to level 70, new skills, new runes, a new game mode and of course a new class, the Crusader. It’s quite clear that the Paladin class from Diablo II is a huge inspiration wh
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My Redbubble T-shirt Review

Here at Foxygamer I display a huge number of t-shirts and merchandise from a number of video games, a huge part of the t-shirt I’m showing is coming from the t-shirt store and community Redbubble, it’s a place where people can submit their design to the site and start selling them to the public, you can find a insane number of t-shirts, prints and other products on the site, all made by the members of the
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GoG giving away Fallout and Fallout 4 “announced”

You might or might not heard about the latest leaked info about Fallout 4 over at Kotaku, we still need to take these leaked news with a grain of salt but it seems like Fallout 4 is pretty much unofficially announced, just recently a fan made website that teased about Fallout 4 went viral and people went crazy for it thought it was a official website from Bethesda, but sadly it was not, it was just a site made by a f
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The Walking Dead: Season Two has a release date!

Telltale took us by surprise last year and gave us (in my opinion) one of the best games of 2012 with The Walking Dead, a emotional adventure that have given me plenty of nail biting gameplay. And now it’s time for the season number two or at least we got a release date for the upcoming season, and the date is set to 17th December, perfect Christmas gift for yourself maybe? I know it will be for me at least! Re
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Huge Autumn Sale on Steam right now (50%-80% off)

Right now the Steam Autumn Sale is on it’s way with crazy discounts each and everyday, each day we’ll be presented with new daily deals with discounts ranging from 50%-80%. For example right now you can buy Skyrim, The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Terraria 75% off (just today though. new Daily deals will come tomorrow), and also a bunch of other games for some crazy low prices. If you play on Steam you ne
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