Gaming Merchandise

Megaman Merchandise – Fan made stuff you can buy online

Megaman has been a long lasting gaming series for quite some time now, with over 50 games on a variety of consoles and systems it’s no doubt that Mega man has it’s fair share of fans. The man in blue has like many other gaming series this popular inspired a lot of fans to create art based on the games, we’re talking sculptures, videos, paintings and illustrations. And in this post I’ll show yo
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uncharted merchandise

Uncharted Merchandise – Drake Figures, T-shirts & Other fancy stuff

We have before featured merchandise from one of Naughty Dog’s best selling games, The Last of Us, a list filled with fantastic gadgets and apparel that would make any Naughty Dog fan drool, but now it’s time for the Uncharted series with Drake in the forefront to show off what kind of merchandise they got to offer, and in this list I promise you some pretty fantastic Uncharted merchandise like art prints
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katamari merchandise

Katamari Merchandise – Posters, T-shirts, Iphone Cases & cute Cousins

Two of my all time favorite games out there is Katamari Damacy and Katamari Forever, two great games that I truly love, maybe not so much for the gameplay or the games itself, I love Katamari for it’s crazy, beautiful and over the top designs and art, how Katamari looks is a reason enough for me to think this game series is genius. I think many will agree on that with me, it’s the fantastic concept of rol
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Guild Wars 2 Merchandise – Cute Quaggans, T-shirts, Posters

When it comes to merchandise for the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 there’s no shortage, there’s plenty of stuff to get for the GW2 Fan, just to mention a few there’s Guild Wars 2 gaming mouses, keyboards, mouse pads, stickers and even books, but can be a messy task to look through all the merchandise that’s out there, that’s why I put together a list some of my favorites in the sea of stuff that t
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adventure time merchandise

The Best alternative Adventure Time Merchandise

Adventure Time over at cartoon network took a huge step into the gaming world when they released the Nintendo DS & 3DS game, “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!” and in late 2013 they also released their RPG game “Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!” a dungeon crawling RPG with all the beautiful design and graphics from the show. But let
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battlefield merchandise

Battlefield Merchandise – BF T-shirts, Posters & other stuff

One of the biggest FPS games right now is of course the Battlefield series, with a ton of games in the BF series filled with vehicle and infantry action that you just can’t find in any other game on the market, so there’s no wonder that Battlefield and DICE has created a massive following over the many years they been active, and it’s not just about the newest and latest games in the series, even to
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List of Resident Evil/Biohazard Merchandise – T-shirts, Posters and Figures

The Resident Evil or Biohazard series started way back in 1996 with it’s first game, since then a huge amount of new games has been released and Capcom has created a massive media franchise around Resident Evil with movies, TV series,  comic books and merchandise, that a huge fan base of the game both hate and love. This list is all about the merchandise of Resident Evil, I will list some of my favorite merchan
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