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Hay day tips & tricks – Become a better farmer!

Hay Day can be a very time consuming game for many of us, it’s a lot of chores we need to handle as a Hay Day farmer, crops needs to be harvest, cows needing milking and pies needs to be made. It’s easy to loose yourself in the game and spend to much time, hopefully with this guide I will teach you a few tricks you can use in Hay Day that will make you a much more efficient player with more coins and high
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This is why Diablo 3 is better on Console then PC

I been a huge fan of the Diablo series for many years now, I played Diablo 2 like crazy as a kid, and when the third game of the series was released for PC I played that game a huge deal also, not near my kid madness but still a quite a lot. And not that long ago Diablo 3 was released for console, and even though I had played the game and got pretty bored of it I decided to give it ago on the console also (on the PS3
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List of all the best TF2 Raffles & Giveaways sites

In this Team Fortress 2 guide we'll show you some of the best places and sites where you can find free TF2 raffles and giveaways that are filled with tasty keys and hats. We'll show where the generosity of the TF2 community is.
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Parents guide for buying Cheap Video Games

Buying games for your kids or buying video games in general isn't always that easy, at least not if you don't want to spend a small fortune on games. This is a guide for all clueless parents and consumers that wants to find great games for low prices. Where you should shop and how you show shop, easy to use guide that all gaming consumers should read.
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planetside 2 forums

List of the Biggest and Best Planetside 2 Forums and Communites

Planetside 2 is the game that made MMOFPS massive, huge battles and huge maps filled with insane action. There’s plenty of Planetside 2 forums out there, some small, some bad and a few great forums filled with great content and discussions. If you’re looking for a PS2 forum or online community you have come to the right place, in this post I will list the best and biggest Planetside 2 forums that are avai
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How to Recruit new members to your gaming Clan, Group, Team or Guild

If you ever tried starting a guild or clan for any game or if you’re already a leader of a gaming group, you know it can be really hard finding new members and doing guild recruitments can be. Without members your guild or clan isn’t much good is it? I’m going to try to help you with your problems and I will give you my advice, tips and trick on how you can recruit new members to your gaming group,
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The Biggest & Best League of Legends Forums & Communities

We all know that League of Legends is a huge game with millions of gamers playing LoL on a regular basis, and it’s only natural that such a huge game also have variety of different forums all around the internet, where you can discuss tactics & builds, share your fan art, LoL videos & pictures or just hang out with other gamers from all around the world that also love League of Legends. I this guide I w
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