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Steam games to play with your Girlfriend – Local Co-op

I know from experience that finding good co-op games can be a real hassle, it can be time consuming and it can be confusing. I spent many hours finding games that me and my girlfriend can play together, We mostly been searching for local co-op games because that’s what we like to play, games that can be played on one screen. This list will go though some of the best games we have found on Steam that’s fun
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Best Stealth games PC

The Best Stealth games for PC

Sneaking and creeping in the shadows can be a lot of fun in a game, and in this list of games I will show you game that are all about stay in stealth rather then running in kamikaze mode killing everything, these are tactical games that require that you plan your moves in order to do well. I will include a trailer for the game, a short description and also a few additional link for you that might be interesting, link
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The Best Free pick-up-and-play IOS games for Ipad & Iphone

When it comes to mobile IOS games for Iphone & ipad it’s easy to get confused, there’s just so many games on the apple store to choose from, some would even say there’s too many games on the Apple store. And when it comes to free-to-play games it can be really hard to find a good and fun game that doesn’t require you to buy a endless stream of power-ups/boosts or trinkets for real money in
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pc fighting games

The Best PC Fighting Games

Most people when they think Fighting games or Beat em ups they thing Tekken or Street Fighter on a arcade game or on a console, there’s long been a lacking of fighting games for the PC, a huge reason being that a lot of people prefer these kind of games being played arcade style with a pad or a controller on a console. But fighting games on the PC works just as good as on a console, you can even get a usb contr
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PS3 Racing games

The Best PS3 Racing Games

Racing games especially on the Playstation 3 can be a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of great driving and racing games for the PS3 to, there’s actually so many racing games for the PS3 it can get a but confusing, at least that’s what I thought when I wanted to get a racing game for my PS3, but if you search you will find, and I eventually I got my hands on a bunch of great games. And this post is all
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Non violent PS3 Games header

Non Violent Video games for the PS3

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a game for you’re kids or if you just for once want to play a game that doesn’t have a bunch of violence in it, this is the list for you, this is my personal favorite list of games that doesn’t involve violence for the PS3. Personally I don’t mind violent video games, as long as it’s not gory violence, but it sometimes it can gets a bit
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PS3 2-player Games Header

The Best PS3 Co-op 2-player Local, Offline & Splitscreen games

Playing together with people is always fun, playing together with friends and family online can be fun but it can’t be compare with the fun you have when playing games on the PS3 on splitscreen sitting beside each other, I don’t know why this is, but it’s probably the social interaction that makes it so much fun. PS3 split screen games As we all know Playstation have a lot of games, the PS3 has so m
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