Bioshock Merchandise – Toys, T-shirts & Figures

BioShock is the survival horror game that took peoples breath away when it was released in 2007, now many years later it’s still a relevant and important game series with a huge numbers of fans still loving both the old BioShock games but also the new Infinite that’s given new life to this amazing game series.

When it comes to Bioshock merchandise there’s plenty of it, you will find a huge variety of different t-shirts in different shapes and sizes, but that’s not it, the creative design of the creatures and characters of the BioShock universe has also come to life in a stiff and plastic way through the many toys and figures that has been created and are being sold all around the internet. In this post I have collected some of my personal favorites when it comes to BioShock Merchandise, everything from toys, figures and t-shirts all collected into this post.

So if your looking for a gift for a fan of the game, or if you want a big plastic Big Daddy for yourself, or if you just want to browse around some beautiful gaming merchandise then this is the place for you.

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Bioshock 1, 2  & Bioshock Infinite T-shirts

Bioshock has a huge fan base with a lot of gamers that love this game series, and when a game have these many and dedicated fans that loves a game it’s only natural a variety of game merchandise is created, and the most popular merch of them all is the t-shirt, and Bioshock isn’t a exception, there’s a sea of different t-shirts featuring Big daddy, Elizabeth and a bunch of the other characters from the series.

Redbubble is one of the biggest providers when it comes to gaming t-shirts, Redbubble is a community driven t-shirt and print store where the users can upload their own designs for t-shirts and prints. Most of the t-shirt prints you find down below are created by other BioShock fans and then uploaded onto Redbubble where the company behind the site takes care of all the production and creating of the actual shirts, it’s a great symbiosis between users and Redbubble, and the end result is some pretty amazing BioShock t-shirts (among thousands of other t-shirt designs that is) And here are some of my favorite t-shirts from Redbubble, and as always you can click each and every image to get redirected to the store where that specific print is located.

Prints and Posters

Next up we got some fancy stuff to put on your wall, posters and art prints in a huge selection of sizes and motives, a bunch of movie style posters for the game series, and plenty of art inspired by Elizabeth. These prints aren’t official art, these are made by fans of the game. You can check them out over at Society6 by clicking each image.

Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite Toys and Figures

Amazon and the geek store Thinkgeek both have some pretty nice figures from both the original BioShock and also a bunch of BioShock Infinite merchandise in general, how about a tiny figure of Elizabeth, Boy of silence or a my all time favorite character from the Bioshock universe, Big Daddy, there’s even a few Big daddies to choose from. The price tag varies a bit on these figures and toys, starting from around $10 and going up, some are more expensive then others but then again the quality of the more expensive figures are much higher of course, you can click each of the BioShock figures and toys down below and you’ll get redirected to the store that it’s available at (either Amazon or Thinkgeek) there you can read reviews from past customers that bought these figures, and see what they think, and you’ll also find more pictures and information on that specific toy, so click away!


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