How to avoid getting hacked or scammed in Runescape

There’s few games that have as much scamming and hacking as the free-to-play MMORPG Runescape, which makes it very important that you do everything you can do to prevent your Runescape account to get scammed or hacked. In this guide I will talk about a few things you can follow and think about when it comes to account safety, I will talk from past experience and from guides and tutorials I have read on the internet.
I remember being a victim of scams and hacking when I played Runescape as a kid, and I even got my whole account cleaned and all my items and gold stolen, I know now what I did wrong and what I shouldn’t have done with my account. As a kid I was extremely vulnerable for hacks and scam, because I didn’t know better, but I do now.
This guide is great for players who play Runescape and wants to avoid getting hacked or scammed, but the guide is also great for parents who wants to prevent their children who plays this game (or any other online game for that matter) getting hacked or tricked in-game. Because it can be a cruel world out there, even online.

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My Runescape Story

What I did wrong when I played Runescape

I was around 13-14 years old when I played Runescape. I though runescape was a great game and I had a decent account which I played a few hours almost each day. But I wanted to get more gold and I wanted my account to get better (like all players) but I hadn’t the time to play more so what I did was looking for bots that could do the repetitive tasks in Runescape for me, like mining, cutting wood, fishing and fighting. The world of bots and automated ways of playing Runescape was huge even back then when I played Runescape, and it’s even bigger now. So what I did was I browsed the internet and I found a few sites and forums that had a lot of bots, I was very cautious at the begin and I didn’t just download anything right away, I knew about key loggers and I knew there were a risk of getting both hacked and banned if I downloaded and used a bot.
So I didn’t download anything but I was still very much interested in the bots, especially on a forum that I frequently checked out, on that several new bots was posted each week and the community was very active and if someone posted a bot with a virus or a keylogger the other members of the forum would be fast to reply and alerting about the virus inside the download.
Time went by and the community of this botting community gained trust in my eyes even though I saw a lot of viruses being posted on the forum.

And after a while I couldn’t resist and I downloaded a Runescape bot, the reviews of the bot was amazing, people said they made so much gold, and people said the bot was clean and didn’t have any viruses or keyloggers. So I downloaded the bot and it worked great, I loved it and I made tons of gold, but after a few weeks of using the bot I got hacked, for a 13-14 year old kid this was devastating thing that happened, I had put a lot of work and time into my account and now it was all gone.
Now when I grown older and wiser I know what I shouldn’t have done, I shouldn’t have downloaded that bot of course, it was a huge mistake. My guess is that the maker of that bot put a keylogger in from the start and then he let people download the bot and he would wait to clean out everyones accounts so he could get a bunch of positive reviews of the bot on the forum and let the bot gain some trust, then a few weeks in he would go on and raid all the accounts he got a hold off, and take all the items and gold.
Bots and Runescape related software can’t be trusted. It’s to easy for people to just add a keylogger in the download and then grab all your password and account details. The bot industry of Runescape has over the years got less shady and Jagex have better control and preventing measures against hacking today, but downloading a bot is still a huge risk, you can never know what you’re downloading.

How-to Avoid getting Hacked in RS

Here’s a few things you can do to prevent getting your Runescape account hacked. Most of them are just common sense, but sometimes we need to be reminded about that also.

  • Don’t visit Runescape related websites that you don’t already know about and that feel fishy.
  • Don’t download anything Runescape related, unless it’s something official from Jagex. Stay away from bots is my best advice really. And if you have to download something then scan it first, you can use VirusTotal to scan your file. Just google VirusTotal to find this free to use Virus scanner. And stay away from .zip files
  • Never open and follow links in e-mails that you don’t trust or that look weird. If the mail says it’s from Runescape or Jagex, double check the mail and see if it’s really from them before you follow any links.
  • Only login with your Runescape account and password on the official website.
  • Make sure your antivirus is updated and working. And don’t forget searching for spyware and ad-aware now and then, SpyBot is a free to use software that works just great, download and use it at least once a week.
  • Have a strong password, a safe password should have both letters and numbers, and both big and small letters.
  • Don’t have the same password for several places. For example your mail, facebook, runescape forums. Have a unqie password for each of the places.
    There’s been several situations when gaming forums have been hacked and all the account details of the forum users have been stolen. Then the hacker would try all the login details in the game and then get access to their accounts. A lot of people use the same account name/password/e-mail for several places and this can be very risky.
  • Update Windows and your Java frequently.
  • Use only Firefox, Chrome or any other trusted internet browser, and keep it updated.
  • Never ever give out your password in the game, in a mail, on a website. NEVER do it. Jagex will never ask for it, they know it already!
  • There’s no such thing as a Runescape pin generator or any such software. It’s a keylogger that it will steal your account.


Recommended Free Anti-Virus Software

I would advise you to have a anti-virus, a firewall and to download Spybot, spybot will protect you against treats that regular anti-virus software can’t find, so it’s defiantly worth getting if you want good protection against spyware, malware and adware.
Here’s a short list of downloads I would recommend. Windows anti-virus and firewall can be a good option too. Keep in mind I’m not an expert in anti-virus so doing your own research on anti-virus software could be a good idea. But these software would give you a good protection, but your best protection is always common sense.

VirusTotal – Scan single files online
AVG Free Anti-Virus
avast Anti-Virus
SpyBot – Against spyware, malware, adware and other malicious software

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