Huge Autumn Sale on Steam right now (50%-80% off)

Right now the Steam Autumn Sale is on it’s way with crazy discounts each and everyday, each day we’ll be presented with new daily deals with discounts ranging from 50%-80%. For example right now you can buy Skyrim, The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Terraria 75% off (just today though. new Daily deals will come tomorrow), and also a bunch of other games for some crazy low prices. If you play on Steam you need to check out this sale, it’s a big one.

If you’re lacking the cash to buy the games that you want in this sale I suggest you check out Foxygamer’s How to buy cheap Steam games guide, totally worth a read for all us cheap gamers.

A neat little trick if you don’t want to go on Steam and check what’s on sale all the time is to add the games that you want to your Steam wishlist, this way you’ll get a e-mail alert every time something on your wish list is on sale on Steam, I got a huge wishlist that gives me e-mail alert from time to time, it’s very convenient if you ask me.

The sale will go on from 27 November to December 3


steam Autumn Sale

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