The Angriest online Games & Why other players hate you

Anyone who ever played games online have encountered the rage of other gamers, it might been directed towards you or it might have been anger directed to the server’s lag, the games unbalance or the maybe the fact that someone in your team did the wrong thing at the wrong time. In this post I will list the games with the angriest gamers (according to me)


League of Legends/Dota 2

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If you’re like me, a fairly bad MOBA player but still loving these kinds of games you meet a lot of crazy angry comments, “You picked the wrong hero“, “Go mid noob!”, Eat poop you n00b!”, “You suck!“, are just some of my personal favorites when it comes to keyboard insults, and not to mention the angry voices screaming at me in German and Russian when I fail for the 7th time in the match. My guess why this is one of the angriest online games around is because of how small the teams are in MOBA games, 5 vs 5. And if just one player is crap and starts “feeding” the other team with easy kills the whole team can easily fall just because of that one crappy player (aka. me) Adding that there’s a lot of knowledge and thinks you need to know in order to play these kinds of games well MOBA games are usually extremely hostile and unfriendly games for a new player. (not always of course, but many many times that’s the case)

Counter-Strike: GO


If you ever played CS:GO in Competitive mode you know there’s a lot of anger here. In CS:GO you also play in small teams and you can easily get a airstrike of crazy mad comments if you make one mistake. The Counter-strike series has over the years seem to attract young and very angry players, make one mistake and you’ll be sorry man. The game it self is very simple and straight forward for being a FPS, but it’s a hard game to master and there’s a lot of gamers that are crazy good at this game. CS is also practically made for creating mad teammates, there’s plenty of ways to piss people off without even knowing it, team flashbangs, friendly fire, blocking the way for your teammates, not rushing, camping and the list goes on, oh and if you use autosniper you can expect to be insulted pretty hard before you get kicked out of the server, Counter-strike players seem to have a bottomless hate for this gun, it’s to good or something I guess.

Bottom line is, Counter-strike is not good for your nerves and if you’re bad at it be prepared to be raged at, hard.

World of Warcraft

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The MMORPG World of Warcraft consists of a lot of gameplay where you need to team up in small and big groups in order to finish certain objectives, that’s of course can be a lot of fun, playing together and accomplishing things together with other people around the world. But it’s also the perfect recipe for some pretty angry teammates hating your guts just because you pull aggro, healed to little/healed to much, had crappy dps or some other of the 1 million mistakes you can make in WoW.

World of Warcraft is a elitist game in so many ways, you need to know so much about the game in order to have fun, it’s like you need to read a whole book before you can truly enjoy the game. That part of the game and the fact that the world of the game is so comprehensive is something that makes it so great but it also makes it hard for new players to start playing the game, Blizzard has done a great job trying to make it easier to have fun for new players but one big problem still exists, and that’s the players of World of Warcraft.


So what can we learn from this? In many online games when small teams of players have one or more weak players the teammates usually starts insulting that player when he plays like a “noob” or just made a mistake, this is the usual behavior of many online games. And it’s so pointless in so many ways, first off, you’re playing as a team, you and your team gain nothing from lashing out on each other, instead help each other and give advice, I understand that it can be frustrating when one player plays bad but giving the player advice and helping that player out will make your team better and stronger, fix that weakest link instead of insulting it.

Secondly it’s just rude, when I play games I want to have fun and have a good time, what I don’t want is some crazy russian kid breathing heavily into a mic and screaming how much I suck when I didn’t get that final kill. Games should be about fun, not about winning.


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